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2016 Chicago Innovation Award Nominee

2016 Nominee Badge


Immediate Release

July 31, 2016 :  Chicago, IL

BizStrat Technology is a 2016 Chicago Innovation Award Nominee for their platform independent and single source innovative methods in system design, touch screen solutions, and web driven systems.

BizStrat Technology has presence in multiple categories, Up and Comer, Collaboration and Innovative Process category for the 2016 selections.  Judges will be reviewing nominees and evaluating finalists in August 2016.  BizStrat Technology will be in attendance at the September 7th Nominee reception being held at Park West in Chicago, IL.  The contribution of an innovative design and rollout of TuttleView’s Social Commerce system and unique collaboration is up for a Collaboration Award, which recognizes two different organizations coming together in a unique way to bring an innovation to life.  The Chicago Innovations Awards Ceremony is being held at the Harris Theatre in Chicago on October 25th and is sure to be an event not to miss!
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Check out the BizStrat Technology Innovation Nomination Video

Check out our Collaboration Award Nomination with TuttleView

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Innotech Dallas 2016

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Immediate Release – April 6, 2016 – Dallas, TX

BizStrat Technology will feature their Innovative Technology Solutions as a sponsor and provider at Innotech 2016. image002

This one day event features conferences, exhibitors and networking specific to C-level attendees looking for new and different ways to solve their business problems while integrating emerging technologies, such as touch screens, mobile applications and enhanced Web online presence and customer feature rich sets of functionality.

Networking and innovative partners will make for exciting interactions for future business endeavors and customers who will benefit from BizStrat Technology’s unique offering to businesses.ScheduleApptWithUs

Can’t make the show?  No problem  Check out our Ad running in the program

Email us at to get all the details about how we can help you achieve your success.


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Educating tomorrow’s Tech Talent

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Upcoming on April 16, 2016

BizStrat Technology will present on how to feed the talent (tech talent of 6th to 9th grade girls who have innovative aspirations in STEM) at the Illinois TechSavvy Event being held at Oakton College in Des Plaines, IL.  girlsengineering urEZguideDemo2In addition to the main stage presentation to 100+ parents of these girls, they will exhibit with a partner company in game development, Webfoot Technologies, to show girls that being a female leader in Information Technology is a real possibility.  Exhibition items will include Raspberry PI and the gaming platform on Linux, Windows and native Raspberrian, together with touch screen kiosk devices, with BizStrat Technology prototypes from the urEZsolutions line, targeted to restaurant, hospitality, retail and most recently municipality uses.  Integrated with maps, voice and touch technology together with custom hooks into reservation systems, POS, payment and web driven sites, the releases are both practical for business use and interesting with high level graphics, exciting content and robust delivery of real-world needs.

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BizStrat Technology CEO keynotes ProCom 2.0

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Michelle Mikka-Van Der Stuyf

President/CEO, BizStrat Technology

On February 20, 2016, Michelle Mikka-Van Der Stuyf, President & CEO, BizStrat Technology keynoted the 2keynoteAddressProComnd annual ProCom 2.0 Chicagoland Computer Programming competition.  This competition brings together high school computer science students in teams of 4 to compete for several hours on a variety of problems, writing software, logic, algorithm and code to arrive at a solution.  BizStrat Technology web design/developer intern, Lauren, joined Michelle, and spoke to the students regarding her latest experiences entering the technology job market.


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Partnering to Cultivate Technology Talent

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Webfoot Technologies and BizStrat Technology Michelle Mikka-Van Der Stuyfare pairing up to deliver emerging changes in business and gaming technology to future talent.  Utilizing the Raspberry PI platform, they are showcasing what can be done at the educational level.  raspberrycomp1The two companies are also partnering up to give a new fun and exciting face-lift to business technology, converging what has been drab and functional, to graphically exciting and entertaining through BizStrat Technology’s Kiosk systems that are now being expanded to include the Webfoot Technologies game suite.  raspberryPI-picStay tuned for upcoming events and press on this emerging technology that is sure to change the way people think about technology for business.


Dana Dominiak (Left)  and Michelle Mikka-Van Der Stuyf (Right)

President, Webfoot Technologies and AutomateTheWorld  and President & CEO, BizStrat Technology Corporation

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Cybersecurity and E-commerce

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Michelle Mikka-Van Der Stuyf
President & CEO
BizStrat Technology Corporation
Sally Smoczynski, CISSP
Managing Partner
Radian Compliance
Executive Security Advisor (ESA)
Magellan Group

December 15, 2015, President & CEO, Michelle Mikka-Van Der Stuyf joined peers to deliver a robust and diverse webinar to over 1,000 attendees worldwide for ISACA on Cybersecurity in E-commerce, Governance and Business.  With technology on the move, literally in nearly everyone’s back pocket, the security threat and data, security and privacy breeches have become as regular as your morning cup of coffee.  Moderated by Laszlo Gonc, a seasoned IT security expert and advisor, this trio delivered powerful content across a multitude of cybersecurity touch points in a variety of personal & industry applications.  View the Webinar from the ISACA archives


Laszlo S. Gonc, CISSP
MVP Advisory Group, LLC

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Future Needs Met through Emerging Technologies

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BizStrat Technology has provided a solid deliverable for clients where innovative solutions are needed.  Their ability to merge legacy systems with new Web and touch based solutions is unique and powerful.  The attention to detail is refreshing.  Their approach to future needs, including integrating emerging technologies and creatively crafting solutions that grow with companies is top-notch.

Dana, President, Webfoot Technologies and AutomateTheWorld

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TuttleView E-System Go Live!

October 2015 tuttleviewWebsiteScreen

TuttleView’s E-system built by BizStrat Technology went live for the holiday shopping season.

Founder/CEO, TuttleView

Founder/CEO, TuttleView


TuttleView partnered with BizStrat Technology to build a never-been-done before web-based system that is patented and unique in the industry.  In combines online shopping, collaborating, video conferencing, chat, social media, invites, and more in one easy to use location