urEZsolutions Suite

Do you have out of date information? Lag times or manual processes to obtain key details to run your operations?  Customers who want information at their fingertips?  Eliminate these challenges by using one of the modules in the urEZsolutions suite, which is also mobile compatible with the same great interface and will transform your business needs from mundane and manual to cutting edge and automated.

Cutting Edge Solutions = impressed Customers!

  • urEZorder:  Restaurants, self-ordering kiosk
  • urEZguide: Hospitality, replace those torn up coffee stained books
  • urEZtracker: Hospitality, room readiness, mechanical staff
  • urEZfinder: Retail, locate what you need fast, get in and out

urEZsolutions is software suite, modularized and designed to meet the needs of specific industries with new ways to deliver information to the end users.  These applications interact with internal and third party systems with integration options*, or can be run stand alone as a touch screen in a common location or delivered as part of the Wi-Fi connection…

On-the-Go customer Solution!



Do you have lost sales or frustrated customers because they can’t find what they are looking for fast?  During peak times or when you have rearranged product?  Utilize this great touch screen application, with search, store map and integration with end cap and rearrangement of products!   By using urEZfinder you’ll retain a convenience image and add to it a cutting edge feel for your on-the-go, in-a-rush customers, who will choose you for the quick factor.  Also mobile compatible with the same great interface that downloads on Win, IOS, and Android for customers who are tech centric.

urEZfinder* is designed to interact with in store aisles/shelves and end-caps to search and find product location for the on-the-go customer. By category, by brand, by promo, store maps and integration with inventory and geolocation devices, it is able to deliver a cutting edge experience to your customers.

Faster Find = Satisfied Customer!



*urEZsolutions software modules are available as platform generic solutions as well as a base system with integration proposals based on your custom needs.  Your application is part of every project we do.  We recognize that everyone has a different set of technologies and we want to make efficiency a new norm!