Our Solutions

Solutions are no longer purely technology based.  The integration of the business knowledge and needs has become part of the new norm.  Companies need technology to help them achieve their business goals in a productive way from access, news, schedule, travel and more, new exciting ways to use technology to drive business evolve every day.

We believe that there are no two solutions the same...  Innovation is always working to create new and exciting ways to interact with the world.

Business & Technology Converge

Mobile Ordering- Use your mobile phone with our urEZorder system to "bust" your line during peak times.

Cloud Based Providers - We integrate your internal legacy systems with cloud solutions bridging the old and the new to give you the best!

Internal Solutions that utilize Web technology - We can help utilize a clean universally deployable solution with your internal systems to roll out new functionality without the costly system replacement.

Patented Projects- We can take your new ideas and help you on the technology side to make it a reality

Social Media - tie your web enabled applications into social media connections.

Video Conference -have a geographically diverse staff, we can help make them one with state of the art partners in the web conferencing space.

Gameify - utilize the new badging and game level interfaces to create exciting solutions that replace the boring, drab business interfaces of the past.

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Touch Screen & Mobile Base


Efficiency - the speed and ease of touch screen comes to life in our application.

Hybrid Mobile- combining touch technology with the freedom of movement and size.

urEZsolutions- a suite of touch screen modules to meet your industry need.

Single Source- one solution that can drive many solutions, mobile, online, in-store kiosk, data is a single source even if your input sources vary.

Screen Sizes - vary and our software and projects factor this in to optimize our design of your project.

Reputable Providers - are key to our success, benefit from Samsung, LG, ELO, Apple and more to get a feel you are familiar with and powerful results you need.

Industry specific- retail, restaurant, hospitality, the needs are both the same and different, kiosk & mobile solutions that fit.

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